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MedKNITations Class with Suzan Colón

Friday, March 15, 10:00-10:30AM EST
Start Your Day with Peace and Focus with Suzan Colon. Before diving into our three-day virtual event,  join us for a calming Meditation class. The teacher will guide you through a 30-minute meditation session designed to help you find inner peace and focus. This meditation class is the perfect way to start your day and set the tone for the weekend! Take a moment to connect with your inner self and prepare for three days of creativity and connection. Don't miss the opportunity to begin your virtual knitting journey with a clear and relaxed mind. @medknitation

Sizing It Up: Design for All Bodies with Natalie Warner and Kim McBrien Evans

Friday, March 15, 12:30-1:30PM EST
All bodies are good bodies and deserve sweaters that fit! Join Natalie Warner and Kim McBrien Evans as they discuss size inclusion and the art of designing for every body.

A Chat at the Drawing Table with Franklin Habit

Friday, March 15, 2:30-3:30PM EST
Feeling stressed? Join Franklin Habit (author of It Itches: A Stash of Knitting Cartoons and I Dream of Yarn: A Knit and Crochet Coloring Book) as he chats about knitting, creativity, and whatever else springs to mind; and sketches a brand-new yarn-themed illustration while you watch. Have a cup of tea and a project in hand, or just sit back and bliss out. Ahhhhh.

Official Virtual Knitting LIVE! Welcome Party Hosted by London Kaye

Friday March 15, 4:00–5:00 PM Eastern

Join London for a special welcome party! 

Learn About The Knit for Food Knit-a-thon with Laura Nelkin

Saturday March 16, 11:00–11:30 AM Eastern
Join Laura Nelkin as she tells you all about this year's Knit for Food Knit-a-thon, a 12-hour knitting marathon to raise funds for hunger and food insecurity. We are gearing up for the 4th annual knit-a-thon and have raised almost 1 million dollars with our needles. Learn how you can get involved on March 23rd, 2024!

Make N Take - Macrame Feathers with Angela Tong

Saturday March 16, 12:00–12:30PM Eastern

Beautiful macrame feathers are adorning walls and used as accent decorations on style blogs, magazines and in homes. They also make cute accessories like earrings and keychains. Come learn to make your own macrame feather with me. No experience is necessary.
Supplies: Macrame cord or Worsted weight cotton or cotton blend that has many plies, scissors, ruler, tape, a comb or a brush.

Make N Take - Easy Knit Bandana with Cris Bertoluci

Saturday March 16, 12:30–1:00PM Eastern

One skein of yarn and no ideas to it? Let's knit an easy bandana, no swatch and no pattern needed. All you must know is cast on and knit.

Basic supplies: one skein of yarn and needle to match it (use the label as a compass).

Knitting as a Stress Management Tool with Nara Takeda 

Saturday, March 16, 1:00-2:00PM EST

"Knitting Our Way to Wellness" is an insightful and engaging panel discussion that will explore how knitting can serve as a powerful stress management tool. The panelists will share their own experiences and offer insights into how this seemingly simple craft can have profound effects on mental wellness. They will delve into the therapeutic aspects of knitting and how the rhythmic, repetitive motions can induce a relaxed state similar to that achieved through meditation. The session aims to shed light on the potential of knitting as a means of relaxation and stress relief. It seeks to inspire attendees to consider incorporating knitting into their everyday routine, highlighting how it can serve as a form of self-care and mindfulness. 

Fibershed Panel with Host ash alberg of sunflower knit and panelists Christel Lanthier of Ferme Fiola Farm, SJ Jones of Pheasant Ridge Farm, and Laura Sharpe of Twin Oaks Farm

Sunday March 17, 10:00–11:00 AM Eastern

Have you ever wondered where your yarn came from? Are you curious about how to bring more sustainability into your projects? In our first-ever fibershed panel discussion, moderator ash alberg of sunflower knit will be speaking to Anna Hunter of Long Way Homestead, Tammy White of Wing & A Prayer Farm, and Tanis Simpson of Qiviut Inc. about the basics of fibershed, how their businesses are helping to transform the local (and global) yarn yarnscape by focusing on their local environment and economy, and how you can connect with the local textile movement around you wherever you are.

@sunflowerknit, @twinoaksfarmfiber, and @fermefiolafarm

Crochet Craft & Chat: Join Brittany Garber (KnotBadBritt) & Angela Tong (Angela Tong Designs) for a crochet chat. Bring your hook, yarn, and questions! 

Sunday, March 17th 11:00-12:00PM EST

Crochet Craft & Chat: Join Brittany Garber (KnotBadBritt) & Angela Tong (Angela Tong Designs). Bring your hook, yarn, and questions!

Unraveling Herstory: Celebrating Women in Knitting Fiber Arts with host Cecilia Nelson-Hurt and panelists Terri Haynes from At Haynes House and Maci B from Little Miss Knitss

Sunday, March 17 12:00-1:00PM EST

Chronically Creative with host Rochelle New from Home Row Handcraft and Kemper Wray of Junk Yarn

Sunday, March 17 1:00-2:00PM EST

An uplifting discussion on honoring and encouraging our creative cycles when living with disabilities or chronic health challenges

Find Rochelle @homerowhandcraft and Kemper Way @ _junkyarn_

Spinning Today with Marcelo Martins from Makeloo Studios and Natalie Chartier and Justin Audet from Le Biscornu Farm

Sunday, March 17 2:00-2:30PM EST

Join Marcelo Martins and guest for a spinning discussion

Make N Take with Vivi Basile - Increase Easily

Sunday, March 17 12:30-1:00PM EST
If increasing stitches still means a mystery to you, come and join this meeting! You will learn an easy and fast way to do the most important increase stitches. Vivi will teach you how to knit it and explain the different effects of them in your projects. 

We will practice together: yarn over, twisted yarn over, knit front and back, make one left, make one right, right lifted, left lifted. You will leave the room ready to follow knitting patterns that include increased stitches with confidence.

SUPPLIES: - 1 skein of worsted weight yarn. Leftovers are welcome! 
                     - US 8/ 5mm needles. You can bring straight or circular needles.
                     - markers