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Thea's Workshop:
BabyCocktails Design Workshop 

Ever wanted to try your own hand at design?  In this workshop, I take you through some basic design steps, and work with you as you create your own cowl pattern!  
We learn how different fibers affect design choice, we think about what to consider when pairing ideas with yarns, and we cover how to translate our ideas to a wearable accessory.    

YARN:  We will look at different yarns and how fiber choice affects design.  We will discuss weight, drape, color, twist and behavior.  
IDEAS:  We will talk about your design goals and how to put ideas onto needles. 
MOTIFS:  We will play with stitch patterns, using a collection of motifs. We will cover construction, basic mapping and function vs. appearance. 
CHARTING/SWATCHING: Once you have a working idea, you will cast on! 

Supplies to Bring: 
Bring 400-600 yards of yarn you would want to play with in a cowl design.  
You can bring more than one option if you are unsure which you want to use.
Bring appropriate size needles (a set of the size recommended on the ball band), plus one or two sizes larger.
If you want to work in the round, circulars would be best.  
You are welcome to bring any stitch patterns, motifs, or inspirational images.
Swatch and block your yarn, in stockinette.  (about a 4"x4" swatch is good) 
Please note: Everyone has a different learning style and knitting process, therefore students will leave the class in different stages of their cowl design.  Don't worry! You will leave with the steps necessary to design your own, but some might still be charting or designing motifs at the end of class -- you cannot rush these things! 
Julia's Workshops:
First Fair Isle 
Knitting with two colors at once opens the doors for so many beautiful projects. In this class, you’ll take the first steps to mastering this skill, practicing with double pointed needles and colorful yarn to get comfortable with working in the round will trying different ways to hold the yarn to find the most comfortable method for your knitting style. We’ll review basic color theory as it relates to stranded projects. Students will leave class with the beginning of a swatch that can be used as a decorative cuff or a mug cozy.

Level: Advanced beginner. Technique Requirements: Knit/purl; cast on/bind off; have knit a few accessories
Materials to Bring (these materials have been updated as of 3/12/19): 
 At least two high contrasting colors of yarn along with matching size needles for working small circumferences in the round, either a 4 or 5 needle set of dpns, a pair of 24” or longer circulars or one 32” or longer circular for magic loop. 
Combination Knitting
Learn the difference between Western and Eastern knitting styles, and how their marriage in Combination Knitting is the best of both hemispheres. With practice, you may knit faster and more comfortably than any other way of knitting. See what modifications one needs to anticipate for lace and cable work, and what benefits Combination Knitting wisdom brings to everyday technique.
Level: Beginner! Can knit and purl, cast on and bind off. Eager to learn!
Materials to Bring:
Please bring to class worsted weight yarn and US 7 needles (either circa or straights). If you prefer another size, bring that one instead.
Norah's Workshop:
Knitting 2 Sided Cables 
Learn how to knit 2 different types of 2 sided cables. The first looks great on both sides because it is built of ribbing and the second has a different cable on each side. Knitting from a chart is a necessity in this class but you can learn as you go. 
Level: Intermediate. Need to be able to read your knitting. Need to have the ability to read your knitting i.e. recognize knits and purls.
Materials to Bring: 
Please bring 50 grams of light colored DK or worsted weight wool and the needles that go with it & a cable needle