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Joji's Workshops:
Joji's Approach to Sweater Design 
In this workshop, Joji's sweater design process will be discussed from start to finish. This is a fun class for anyone thinking about designing their first sweater (for fun or for work), but also for those who are interested in knowing what goes on behind the scenes.
To be discussed:
* How to find inspiration (Pinterest, fashion designers, brands).
* Following trends and adjusting them to what knitters want to knit.
* Important measurements to consider when designing (shoulder span, full bust, sleeve circumference, hip measurement, etc).
* Tables of measurements and their meaning.
* What is ease (garments don’t always need to be the same size as the
table of measurements!).
* Making notes for knitters on how to customize their garments
(e.g. sleeve length, body length).
* Overview of different sweater constructions and how to choose the one that
best suits your idea.
* What makes a design unique (small little details that make a design stand from others).
* Discussing some samples and their construction techniques.
* Basic concepts on grading patterns to different sizes.
* Using spreadsheets to grade a very basic pattern (converting it to different sizes instructions).

Bring your own ideas and questions and (time permitting) they will be discussed
Technique Requirements: Knit/purl; cast on/bind off; increase/ decrease; working in the round; have knit a whole garment; have knit a few accessories; basic finishing techniques
Level: Intermediate 
Homework: None
Supplies to Bring: Notepad and pen, tape measure. Feel free to bring a garment that you are inspired by (the actual garment or a photo).
Joji's Boxy Sweaters

Boxy tops and sweaters are quite possibly the most versatile trend to emerge recently. They work for any occasion, from weekends to office, and you can find all kinds of patterns for them: from lightweight ones in plain stockinette stitch to heavier-weight or heavily textured designs. The boxy sweater is a style that flatters ALL BODY TYPES. But many knitters are afraid of this style. Subjects like choosing the right material to achieve the perfect drape, or even how to style them and what to wear with them are daunting. 

The goal of this workshop is to understand what’s behind a boxy sweater design to help you feel comfortable knitting and beautiful wearing them. What is “ease,” and how does it affect the fit of a sweater? What do patterns with different ease look like? How do you pick a pattern that suits you, or how do you modify the one you like to fit you? Different materials: How do different yarns and fibers behave when knitting and when wearing a garment? Why is drape so important? How do you pick the perfect yarn for your project? We’ll cover lots of dos and don’ts when substituting yarn. We’ll also talk about hacking a boxy sweater: How to add side vents, curved hems, thumbholes, plus Joji will offer styling tips: What are the most flattering looks for different body types and occasions and what to wear with your boxy sweater. 

Technique Requirements: Knit/purl; cast on/bind off; increase/ decrease; have knit a few accessories 

Homework: None 

Supplies to Bring: Notepad and pen; tape measure.

Level: Intermediate

Joji's Multi-Colored Projects: How to Use Your Stash

Let Joji show you how to mix and match yarns and use up your stash into fun and stylish projects! These garments and accessories use 2 or more colors and give us the opportunity to combine our favorite shades—without having to buy all new yarn! Maybe all we need is right there, hidden in our stashes. Let’s try to find the best ways to combine color and texture to get the most of it. 

In this fun workshop we’ll discuss: What different textures can yarn have? (e.g., fuzzy, draped, textured, plied); how to identify yarns with similar texture; when to make texture match, and what happens when we don’t; how to identify a yarn’s weight (thickness); determining how much yarn I have left and what is it enough for. We’ll delve into how to use Ravelry’s database to search for projects that you have enough yardage for, discuss how to combine colors, including how to tone down yarns that are too bright or how to brighten colors that are too dull. Joji will give an overview of some of her designs that use several colors, including the 3 Color cashmere Cowl, 3 Color Cashmere Shawl, Party on My Needles, A Girl Thing, and Peeping Cowl. 

Technique Requirements: Knit/purl; cast on/bind off; increase/ decrease 

Homework: None 

Supplies to Bring: Notepad and pen; tape measure. 

Level: All Levels Welcome 

Joji's Sweaters That Fit

In this friendly workshop, we’ll talk about how to choose a sweater that will make you really happy after spending so much time knitting it. We’ll discuss: How to choose the best sweater styles and shapes for your body. How to take measurements of your body and choose the right size of the pattern you want knit. How to customize a sweater to your own body according to your: Waist length, arm circumference, bust measurement, hip measurement. How to add bust darts, waist shaping, curved hems, length to the back so that the sweater doesn’t ride up. How to choose the proper length for you. How to choose the right yarn and fiber content for a project. 

You’ll also have the opportunity to take a look at some of my samples and their sizes, shapes, lengths and styles. 

Technique Requirements: Knit/purl; cast on/bind off; increase/ decrease; working in the round; have knit a few accessories 

Homework: None 

Supplies to Bring: Pen; tape measure; close-fitting clothes so taking measurements is easier. 

Level: All Levels Welcome 

Veera's Workshops:
Veera's Colorplay
Choose a color, two, or three, and see where they take you! This workshop focuses on color in knitting: What to expect from certain colors, which colors to pair, and what to choose to begin with. Inspire your imagination and choose colors with confidence! This workshop addresses basic color theory in an easy way while making it interesting for all level of knitters. It makes choosing colors for your knitting even more fun!
Technique Requirements: Knit/purl; cast on/bind off; working in the round
Homework: None
Supplies to Bring: Bring a small selection of yarn in 3-6 colors (small leftover skeins are perfect) and circular needle to go with your yarns.
Level:  All Levels Welcome
Veera's Round Yoke Sweaters 

This class is dedicated to the art of round yoke sweaters. We go through the basic construction and math, but we also discuss different ways to add colorwork, lace, or other patterns to this type of yoke. The lovely look and wide-ranging design possibilities make a round-yoke sweater a dream to experiment with. During the class, you will make a mini sample yoke to learn the technique properly. 

Technique Requirements: Knit/purl; cast on/bind off; increase/ decrease; working in the round; beginner lace; chart reading; easy colorwork 

Homework: None 

Supplies to Bring: Partial skeins in 2 to 3 different colors and circular/double-pointed needles suitable for your yarn to work a mini sample yoke in the round.

Level: Advanced Beginner 

Veera's Shawl Shapes 

This shawl shapes workshop begins with the basic shawl shapes like triangles and squares and continues in all different new directions. Top-down, bottom-up, center-out-- wherever you start and whatever direction you choose, you can always end up with a shawl! In this class you will learn the most common constructions of a shawl and how to take your shawl knitting to a whole new level. We’ll discuss and learn basic shawl shaping (triangle, crescent, square, circle, etc.); how to add stitch pattern to a basic shape; how to take your shawl a step forward from the basics; finishing touches. A worksheet on basic shawl construction methods will help you get the most from this class. 

Technique Requirements: Knit/purl; cast on/bind off; increase/ decrease; working in the round 

Homework: None 

Supplies to Bring: Small selection of yarn in 2 colors and a circular needle to go with the yarn. Small left-over skeins are perfect!  

Level:  Advanced Beginner

Veera's Stripes Beyond the Basics

Stripes Beyond the Basics This class is all about the fun called stripes! How to add stripes to your knitting, how to best work them, and how to make stripes extra special with easy techniques. This workshop also focuses on color in knitting: what to expect from certain colors, which colors to pair and what to choose to begin with. Inspire your imagination and choose colors with confidence! We’ll also discuss how to use simple stitch patterns like slipped stitches to enhance your stripes, making them just as impressive as stranded or Fair Isle knitting. You’ll learn how to knit jogless stripes in the round, work stripes with short rows, keep the edges neat with two or more colors, and use simple stitch patterns to spice up your stripes. 

Technique Requirements: Knit/purl; cast on/bind off; working in the round 

Homework: None 

Supplies to Bring: Bring a small selection of yarn in 3 colors (small leftover skeins are perfect) and circular needle to go with your yarns. 

Level: Advanced Beginner