Meet Our Teachers:
Julie Weisenberger and Caitlin Hunter
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Julie Weisenberger

Julie Weisenberger is an internationally renowned knitwear designer and teacher known for her elegant, modern fashion sense and her unique commonsense method to knitting tailored, seamless sweaters that are as enjoyable to make as they are comfortable and flattering to wear.

Julie's Three Part Class: Cocoknits Method of Sweater Knitting
In this three-session workshop, Julie Weisenberger introduces the Cocoknits Method of sweater knitting, outlined in her book Cocoknits Sweater Workshop. The beginning four sections of the Cocoknits Method will be covered, including instruction on how to use the Cocoknits Sweater Worksheet in coordination with colored stitch markers.
Session 1: In the first class, students will create the beginning of an Emma sweater (corresponding to Section I: Upper Back) with the bulky yarn they’ve swatched. Julie will give an overview of the Cocoknits Method of knitting top-down sweaters while the students are knitting.
Session 2: The second class covers Sections II and III from the Cocoknits Sweater Workshop book. These sections cover creation of the shoulder tab extensions, then knitting stitches all the way around the piece to establish and join all the sections. We will place the colored markers in preparation for using the Cocoknits Worksheet.
Session 3: The third class tackles Section IV: Completing the Seamless Yoke of your Cocoknits Method sweater. This is when the Cocoknits Method Worksheet is explained and filled out. The Worksheet tracks all the increases for each section of the sweater, making it easier to keep track of where and when to increase. Julie will assist students in filling out their worksheets and discuss how to adjust for individualized fit.
After completing the yoke, the students will continue through body and sleeves at home.
Make a gauge swatch with the bulky yarn. Gauge should measure approximately 3 sts/inch.  Make sure you get a fabric you’d like to wear!  Julie always knits a bit open for nice drape.  In class we can adjust the gauge or the sweater size, but come with at least one swatch that you like the feel of.

Read through first couple of chapters of the book and Emma pattern (optional)
Be familiar with Cocoknits Method increases if possible! This will make the knitting go faster during the workshop
Watch technique videos —
Prepare to bring a device in order to watch videos. 
Supplies to Bring
Colored stitch markers (1 of each: red, green, blue, yellow, pink, orange)
1 ball of bulky yarn (3 sts/inch)
Circular needles in size 11 (either one 40″ or longer or 3 separate circulars) or size needed to get the gauge 
Smaller skinny needle in any size (double pointed or circular)
Yarn snips or scissors
Tape measure or ruler
Blank paper for notes (or use back of your worksheet)
(Optional) Smartphone or tablet for viewing technique videos 
Caitlin Hunter
Caitlin is a professionally trained designer who previously worked in the traditional garment industry before discovering the joy of designing patterns for hand knitters. She is passionate about creating beautiful and unique garments that are fun to knit, fun to wear and flattering on every body! She brings her experience with fit, drape and color to the world of knitting, and loves inspiring knitters learn how and when it is ok to break the “rules” to create their own amazing masterpieces. Caitlin lives on a 30 acre farm in rural Oregon with her husband and 3 young sons- the source of the name Boyland Knitworks. You can follow her work and see peeks in the farmstead life on Instagram@boylandknitworks.
Caitlin's Class: Designing with Colorwork the Boyland Knitworks Way
Learn the basics of designing your own colorwork motifs and using them in your knitting. This class covers color theory, yarn choice and the “rules” of colorwork and when they can be broken including how to use speckled and hand painted yarns in colorwork. Participants will practice creating their own charted motifs and knit a swatch of their design. This class is best for knitters who are comfortable with colorwork basics. The short version of the class goes over theory and basics of designing and using a motif in a design, the longer version lets the knitters begin the design of a cowl with their motifs and start the knitting of their design. This class includes a lot of knitting time and is fun and empowering!
Supplies to Bring:
At least 2 colors (more is more fun!) of wool or wool blend yarn for
knitting a sample of your motif
circular needles of the appropriate size for the yarn (24” cable or longer)