Expand Your Knitter’s Toolbox: 
Knit Faster, Better, and More Beautifully with Patty Lyons

Want to improve your knitting speed, efficiency, comfort? Do you want to improve the look and consistency of your fabric? Learn the secret to happy knitting . . . that you need more than one knitter’s tool in your knitter’s toolbox. 

In this fabulous “try them all class”, we will explore everything about our knitting from proper stitch formation, to yarn tensioning to stitch sizing.  We’ll learn the difference between a knitting style and a knitting method, and along the way we will explore a variety of knitting styles (English, Continental, Portuguese) as well as understand different knitting methods (Eastern, Western and Combination).  Finally, Patty will demo knitting and purling backwards, a trick that can be done in any knitting method or style. 

In the first half of class, Patty will show you a variety of knitting styles and methods, so each knitter can find something that they’d like to try. In the second half, we’ll break up into smaller groups for practice. Patty will work with each group and give feedback and tips.

The perfect start to a knitter’s weekend! You’ll have all weekend to sit by the fire with Patty and play with your new found knitting skills.

Materials: To Be Announced
Cast on 24 stitches, work 2 inches in plain stockinette (NO GARTER EDGE), enough to get a sense of your knitting style.  Do not bind off, we will be working this swatch.
Level of knitting proficiency required
Knit, purl, cast on and bind off. 
Perfectionist Knitter: The Art is in the Details! with Patty Lyons

Patty digs into her bag of tricks to create a class full of perfectionist knitting tricks (including some brand new tricks never seen in any class!). From cast on to bind off we’ll learn how and when to ignore the pattern in order to bring our own mad skills to the table to build our perfect project. We’ll be working through a tiny sampler to learn ribbing tricks, shaping hacks, the perfect neck divide and the ideal shoulder. Patty will demo a few tricky finishing tricks to make your project really sing. Although the sampler used is a tiny sweater, you can apply the skills learned to any project. 


Calculator, paper & pencil

Needles & Notions
Empty needle and small ball of yarn (separate from the one used in the homework).
Needle appropriate for worsted weight yarn, crochet hook appropriate to yarn.
OPTIONAL: small bit of sock yarn or crochet cotton

Homework: To Be Announced
Level of knitting proficiency required
Must know how to knit, purl, cast on, bind off, know basic increases and decreases. 

Hack Your Knitting Patterns with Safiyyah Talley

Have you ever knitted from a pattern, but weren't quite happy with the finished project? Maybe the yarn wasn’t quite right, or the gauge, or maybe even the suggested methods did not quite pan out the way that you wanted them too.  Well I’m here to help you “hack” your knitting patterns to avoid these mistakes.
In this class, we will first cover the foundations for a successful knitted item including: how to power swatch, fiber selection, adjusting for gauge/ease, and taking body measurements. Then, we will cover how to “hack” any knitting pattern, from hats to sweaters, using techniques like short rows, waist shaping, neatening decreases and increases, improving the bind offs and cast ons, and other quick changes that will make a world of difference.

Level of knitting proficieMaterialsncy required
●    Cast on / off
●    Knit & Purl
●    A taste for adventure

If desired, bring along a pattern (printed or digital) that you wish to hack.