Tech Specs

Software for Your Virtual Shop: 

We ask that all vendors manage their own virtual store and software. We ask that all vendors hold their sessions in Zoom, as this is the platform all our classes and lectures are held in and for that reason attendees will be most comfortable using that software.You simply need to provide us with the link and we will integrate it into our system. 

When setting up your Zoom meeting room please take a couple things into account: 

  • If you have a free account and are required to have a password, please make your password VKLIVE 
  • If you have a free or paid account, please note that your capacity may be limited to 100 attendees and attendees may get frustrated if they are not able to access your shop. If you are looking to update the number of attendees in your account, you don't need to upgrade to a business account, may we suggest updating to 500 attendees with the Large Meeting add on that is about $50 a month. 
  • Please remove the waiting room from your meeting. This will allow attendees to enter your shop freely without having to be admitted by the host.  

We will be reaching out to all vendors as we get closer to the event date for their meeting room link as well as giving additional vendor information.

Closed Captioning:

Virtual Knitting LIVE is working hard to be at the forefront of inclusivity and setting standards for our industry. Part of our work, along with our Diversity Advisory Council, has been to anticipate needs and try to proactively develop an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome. As part of that effort, we have been including closed-captioning on all of our Zoom accounts, which include all classes, lectures, and Marketplace Extra sessions. We are asking all vendors to add closed-captioning on your web conferencing platform so that shoppers can also have access to closed-captioning.

Zoom has introduced a complimentary live transcription service available for all paid accounts. Additional information about the no-cost live transcription option can be found here.

Additional information regarding closed-captioning will be emailed to you after your registration is confirmed.