Buttonholes: Simple to Fancy (NEW!)
Friday, August 5, 2022
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Session Type:
3-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Advanced Beginner
Simone Kereit
Knitting, Tips & Techniques
Class Details:

One row, two row, bound hole, small hole, vertical, or side to side? Learn to knit a variety of buttonholes to suit your project or your button stash!

Buttonholes come in a variety of styes and sizes, and sometimes the pattern you are working on may have the wrong size buttonhole for those special buttons you’ve been saving and that would go so perfectly with the color scheme of the project. Perhaps you are thinking of adding buttons to a scarf or a lovely open front design so it won’t fall off. Or because, well, do you really need a reason other than a button stash bigger than your knitting queue?

I love buttons, and if you are anything like me and have ever bought 3 sets of buttons for one cardigan, you can empathize with me and my ever-growing button jar. What better way to make use of those gems you collected than to learn a variety of button holes so you can add buttons to everything your heart desires!

Whatever the reason for your buttonholes, learn how to knit different ones, so you can make them alongside the design, or in a picked up facing later.


Knit the following swatches with worsted-weight yarn and leave them on the needle:

Swatch 1 in 1 x 1 rib:
Cast on 20 sts.
All rows: (K1, p1) to end.
Repeat above row for about 1"/2.5 cm. Leave swatch on needle with yarn still attached.

Swatch 2 in Stockinette:
Cast on 20 sts.
Row 1: Knit to end.
Row 2: K3, p to last 3 sts, k3.
Repeat Row 1 and Row 2 for about 1" /2.5cm. Leave swatch on needle with yarn still attached.

Supplies for Class:

Needles and yarn used for swatch along with swatches. Crochet hook the same size or slightly smaller than needles used for swatch. Small scrap of contrast color waste yarn (same weight yarn as swatch), 1 yard is enough.

Materials Fee (to Be Paid Directly to the Teacher):