Knitting Pattern Alterations (NEW!)
Date & Time
Friday, November 3, 2017, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Session Type:
3-Hour Class
Skill Level:
June Hemmons Hiatt
Tips & Techniques
Class Details:
Learn to apply the concepts discussed in June Hiatt’s Stitch Gauge class to anything you knit. Included are tips for how to rewrite a pattern using your gauge rather than the one specified by the pattern, adjust the size for a better fit, or make changes in the design to personalize it. Learn how to make these kinds of alterations without the need to rewrite pattern instructions for slopes and curves, and what to do if that is necessary. Ms. Hiatt will also provide tips on how to reposition a stitch or color pattern so it fits the altered proportions. NOTE This class is only open to students who have taken Ms. Hiatt’s Stitch Gauge class.
Supplies for Class:
4 square to the inch graph paper, pencil, eraser, ruler, measuring tape, calculator (the one in your phone is fine). Ms. Hiatt will provide basic pattern schematics to practice on.