Patterning a Sock (EXCLUSIVE!)
Sunday, September 23, 2018
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Session Type:
3-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Nathan Taylor
Class Details:
Sick and tired of not being able to find JUST THE RIGHT sock pattern? Always wishing there was a sock out there that featured your favourite stitch texture? This is the class for you! I’ll show you how to create a “blank canvas” sock template, upon which you will be able to lay pretty much any stitch pattern you like. We’ll cover converting flat stitch patterns for working in the round, dealing with the maths to make everything fit, placement of pattern elements so that they work both practically and aesthetically. This class is so much more than that though, because designing a good sock means so much more than just putting a pattern on it! A good sock has “flow.” All the different elements should grow organically from one to the other. We’ll discuss the various options available to you at each stage, so that you sock doesn’t end up like some Frankensock, but instead holds together with elegance and grace. You’ll be a sock designer before you know it! Technique Requirements: Experience of knitting socks, cuff down, with heel flapped gusset construction.
Do some research into some of your favorite stitch patterns, and bring a selection with you. Stitch patterns should be charted out, either by hand, or in a book, and easily readable. Challenge yourself: bring lace, or cabled patterns, as well as simple knit and purl textures.
Supplies for Class:
One set of 2.5mm circular knitting needles. A 100g skein of sock/4-ply/fingering-weight yarn. Choose a smooth yarn with a high twist and a solid or semi-solid colour for best results. Bring pencils and a calculator, and squared graph paper if you have it, as well as your stitch pattern as reference material.