Shaping: The Future of Double Knitting
Saturday, September 22, 2018
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Session Type:
3-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Nathan Taylor
Color, Tips & Techniques
Class Details:
Ready to move on from using double knitting to make potholders, coasters, and scarves? Then this is the class for you. Double knitting is a fantastic technique for creating reversible, double-sided fabric with no unsightly wrong sides. If you want to take your double knitting to the next level, you are going to need to know a little bit more than how to make the standard stocking-stitch-on-both-sides fabric that we all know and love. I’ll show you how to execute a variety of different types of increases and decreases, and tell you where you might want to use each of them to their best effect. We’ll talk about the concepts behind changing shaping techniques for single-face knitting into reversible, two-sided shaping techniques that will allow you the freedom to take your double knitting in any direction you like. Once you get to grips with what is possible, the possibilities are endless. This really IS the future of double knitting! I would advise bringing a sugary snack and some water to the class, as I’ll be giving your brains a good work out. Technique Requirements: Must be familiar with the basics of two-color double knitting. This class does not teach you how to do it! If you have taken a double knitting class, or completed a double-knit project (a scarf, a hat, a potholder) then that will be enough, but SOME experience is essential.
Using DK-weight yarn and 4mm knitting needles, cast on 30 pairs of stitches using a suitable cast-on for two-color double knitting. Work 6 rows in standard two-color double knitting, with no color changes, so that one side of your work shows as one color, and the other side shows the other. Do not bind off your swatch; we will work from it in the class.
Supplies for Class:
One pair of 4mm knitting needles. Can be straights, circs, or DPNs. Approx 20g of each of two colors of DK-weight yarn. For best results, choose a smooth yarn with a high twist.