Basics of Couture Knitting (Part 1 of 5)
Friday, September 21, 2018
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Session Type:
3-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Catherine Lowe
Class Details:
This workshop is a hands-on introduction to those techniques of couture knitting that are the foundation of Catherine Lowe’s signature approach to garment construction and finishing. Along with a discussion of what constitutes couture knitting and a presentation of the principles of line and fit that are the core of her design philosophy, Catherine will guide workshop participants as they learn the techniques, explore their application and discover how to adapt commercial patterns for their use. These techniques include the use of selvedges for garment construction, picking up and knitting down stitches, joinery for construction and as a design element, and couture finishes for garment edges. Knitters leave this workshop having acquired the skills to reproduce the distinctive construction and finishing that are the hallmark of couture knitting. Students should be comfortable with the following skills and techniques: • understand the structure of knitted fabric; be able to identify rows and columns of stitches; and be able to locate the running threads in a piece of knitted fabric • able to determine stitch and row gauge accurately • aware of blocking wires and how they are used • execute a knit long-tail cast-on • knit and purl through the back loop of a stitch • knit-up or pick up and knit stitches (same technique, different names) • slip stitches, one or more at a time, through the front or back of the loop(s) • work knit and purl open running thread increases • work knit and purl raised and slip raised increases • work k2tog and ssk decreases • work knit and purl center double decreases • work a yarnover from knit to knit, purl to purl, knit to purl, and purl to knit • knit or purl into a yarnover without dropping the yarnover from the needle
See attached file for HW and supplies to bring.