Snip ’n’ Zip: Steeks and Zippers
Friday, September 21, 2018
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Session Type:
3-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Franklin Habit
Class Details:
This empowering class is designed to guide timid and/or inexperienced knitters through two operations that are famous for causing anxiety in the uninitiated: the cuttingof steeks (slashed openings in hand-knitted fabric), and the installation of zippers. We’ll be doing both by hand—no sewing machine required! Technique Requirements: Knit/purl; cast on/bind off; working in the round; easy colorwork
Please have this homework (a short, circular swatch in stranded colorwork) completed in its entirety prior to the start of class. If your homework is incomplete, you won’t be able to participate in any of the class exercises, and you’re in for three dull and frustrating hours. You’ll need: Two balls of smooth, worsted-weight yarn, preferably pure wool or 90% or more wool blend (e.g., Cascade 220 or Universal Yarns Deluxe Worsted). Please note that slippery yarns (acrylic, silk, cotton) are not generally suited to the cutting of steeks and should be avoided. Select one ball in a dark, solid color and one ball in a lighter, solid color. Your chosen colors should contrast strongly with one another. One 16-inch circular needle, in a size well-suited to your yarn of choice to create a firm fabric. Eight stitch markers (one should be distinct from the others to indicate beginning of rounds). Scissors. Tapestry needle. Instructions: With dark color, cast on 132 sts. Join to work in the round, taking care not to twist. Place marker to indicate beginning of round. Join light color and *work Row 1 of Chart A 4 times (24 sts). Place marker. Work Chart B 1 time (9 sts), place marker*, repeat between *s until round is complete, omitting marker after final instance of Chart B. Continue working charts as established until you have completed 3 full repeats of Chart A and 18 repeats of Chart B. (Swatch will be 18 rounds high, not including cast-on round.) Break dark color, leaving 6-inch tail for weaving in. With light color, bind off. Weave in ends.
Supplies for Class:
For the homework assignment: two balls of smooth, firmly spun worsted-weight wool yarn (for example, Cascade 220 or Universal Yarns Deluxe Worsted) in highly contrasting colors. Please note that slippery yarns (acrylic, silk, cotton) are not generally suited to the cutting of steeks and should be avoided. One 16" circular needle in a size that yields a firm fabric with the student’s yarn of choice. For class: The completed homework assignment. One ball (partial is fine) of wool yarn in a weight equal to or slightly lighter than the yarns used to knit the homework; it should be of a color that contrasts well with the homework yarns. One crochet hook, equal to or slightly smaller in diameter than the knitting needles used to knit the homework. One pair of sharp scissors. Notebook and pen or pencil for taking notes.