Full Name
Beth Gorishek
Teacher Bio

Beth Gorishek, affectionately known as The Adaptive Knitter, is a dedicated advocate for accessibility and inclusivity in the world of crafting. With a fervent passion for ensuring that crafters from all walks of life, especially those with disabilities, have their rightful place in the crafting community, Beth is on a mission to break down barriers and foster a sense of belonging for everyone.

Born with a congenital limb difference called Arthrogryposis, Beth's right arm and hand bear unique characteristics, making them smaller in size and less flexible than her left hand. Her journey as a disabled knitter has been marked by determination, humor, and a commitment to pushing boundaries. Beth understands the significance of representation, and she is dedicated to empowering others with disabilities by sharing her journey, perspective, and expertise.

Growing up during a time when connectivity and community for disabled people were limited, Beth often found herself forging her own methods and techniques in the crafting world. Her personal journey led her to discover the power of adaptation, both in her craft and in life. As The Adaptive Knitter, she is eager to extend her knowledge, experiences, and the joy of knitting to anyone who wants to learn or re-learn how to knit. She is the leading voice for adaptive knitting and an advocate for supportive maker communities.

Beth’s calling is to teach you that knitting can be adapted to your unique needs and abilities. Whether you're a seasoned knitter or just embarking on your knitting adventure, Beth will nurture your path to knitting with your limitations instead of against them. In her course, Beth will guide you through the transformative potential of adaptation, turning it into a powerful tool for self-expression and creative exploration.

Beth Gorishek