Distitch Heel Socks (NEW!)
Friday, January 26, 2024
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Session Type:
3-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Assia Brill
Accessories, Knitting
Class Details:

Distitch is a new principle of knitting, where the loops of every row are pulled through the loops of the two rows below it. Distitch creates a dense fabric, making it much more durable and resistant to over-stretching. Use it for garments that have a lot of wear, such as socks, gloves, etc. In this workshop, you’ll learn the main features of Distitch and its structure. You’ll learn how to work a very strong and durable heel-flap sock. We’ll complete a mini sock in three hours. You’ll be shown how to convert conventional stitches to Distitches, and how to work basic knit DS and purl DS, and knit SDS: all these techniques are published only in my book, Distitch.

Important: You should be very familiar with traditional sock knitting, having already made several pairs of conventional socks.


For a sample sock, cast on on 28 sts and join in the round. You can use my technique Smooth Join to join in the round or any other method of your choice.
Work 1x1 rib for 8 rounds.
For the leg part, work in stockinette 8 rounds, and stop just before beginning the heel.

Supplies for Class:

A ball of any DK-weight yarn, non-splitty and in a light color; needles to match the yarn: dpns or circular needles for Magic Loop technique; markers, scissors, tapestry needle.