The Art of Knitting 3D Dragon Scales
Saturday, January 27, 2024
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Session Type:
3-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Alexandra Davidoff
Knitting, Tips & Techniques
Class Details:

This project base class is designed to take a deep dive into the intricate technique of the three- dimensional knitting with bead application for 3 of my designs in I AM DRAGON series. In this class we will work on a swatch and will learn how to make 3D dragon scales into an elegant and truly unique designs. I will guide you through the process and will share all my tips and tricks of how to create your own Dragon knitwear. Please go to the pattern page for all 3 Dragon patterns

I Am Dragon:

I Am Dragon II:

I Am Dragon III:

Class overview
• Skill level: intermediate
• Learn how to create 3D dragon scales
• Learn bead application for this design
• Learn the unique blocking technique applicable to this design
• Learn the anatomy of the tassels for this design
• Get inspired by the presentation of the multiple samples in array of fibers and colors

Included in the class
• Electronic I Am Dragon pattern


• Thread 20 beads onto the yarn prior to class
• Please print the digital pattern (available in the Event Hub the week of the event) for the day of the class, or have it open on a secondary digital device

Supplies for Class:

• Students need to know how to “cast on”, “knit”, “purl”, “yarn-over”, increase and decrease stitches
• Approx. 10g of Miyuki Glass beads size 6/0. Thread 20 beads onto the yarn prior to class
• US 2.5/3.00mm needles
• Row counter, stitch markers
• 50g skein of fingering weight yarn. Note: I don’t recommend pure silk, linen or cotton
• Please print I Am Dragon pattern prier to class, or have it open on an electronic device.