Intarsia: Technique & Design (NEW!)
Friday, November 12, 2021
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Session Type:
2-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Advanced Beginner
Florence Spurling
Color, Knitting, Tips & Techniques
Class Details:

Intarsia is one of the most creative techniques within hand knitting that can be likened to painting with yarn. In this class, students will learn all the skills needed to walk away feeling confident with this colorwork method. The first part of the class will focus on the technique itself—students will learn the intarsia method by knitting a small swatch in two colors. We will look at different examples of intarsia charts and learn how to read them, and yarn organization and finishing will also be discussed. The second part of the class will explore design approaches within intarsia. Students will learn how to create their own design following the steps of: sketching out a motif, charting it out, and then knitting it.

Technique Requirements: knit/purl; cast on/bind off



Supplies for Class:

• 2 colors of yarn in any weight with corresponding needles to practice the basic intarsia method.
• At least 2 colors of DK or Worsted weight yarn with corresponding needles to design your own intarsia motif
• Pencil and eraser
• Coloring pencils (preferably that match your yarn colors) for your intarsia motif design

Note: graph paper to scale for DK/worsted weight will be included in the class handout, available the week of the event. Please print this for the class. Alternatively, you can use a standard piece of graph paper.