Pattern Hacking: Adjusting Patterns Just for You
Friday, February 10, 2023
2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Session Type:
3-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Advanced Beginner
Mina Philipp
Inspiration, Knitting, Tips & Techniques
Class Details:

Do you want to knit a pattern but your gauge isn't quite right? Or maybe you want to make one part a bit bigger/smaller? This class will show you how to use a few simple calculations and principles to easily make adjustments with confidence. This is particularly handy when knitting garments and you want to make some changes. We will also go over things to consider when you want to make yarn substitutions (be it fiber type or yarn weight) and what you want to bear in mind when making these changes.

Technique Requirements: knit/purl, cast on/bind off, increase/decrease, working in the round, have knit a whole garment, experience with top-down garment construction, short rows

Technique Requirements: knit/purl, cast on/bind off, increase/decrease



Supplies for Class:

Pencil, eraser, paper/notebook, and calculator.

Materials Fee (to Be Paid Directly to the Teacher):