Lecture: Building a More Inclusive Size Chart (NEW!)
Thursday, February 9, 2023
12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
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All Levels Welcome
Kim McBrien Evans
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Students will be required to wear masks to attend this class.

Since 2017, Kim McBrien Evans has been working on a new, inclusive size chart for knitwear design for women's bodies. In March 2022, her size chart was published by Digits and Threads. From gathering survey data from everyday knitters, analyzing trends in indie sewing designer size charts, working with Craft Yarn Council and ASTM standards, as well as individual size charts in common use, she worked to create a size chart that honors all women's bodies and understands where other sizing standards fail, and creates a chart with options that knit and crochet designers can use to create better fitting patterns.

Kim will talk to us about her research and development of the standards, how they can be applied to all bodies, and how you can provide feedback to improve them on an ongoing basis. Learn about how standard sizing works, and what this means for you as a maker.

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