Full Name
Rosemary Drysdale
Teacher Bio
Rosemary grew up in the north of England near Newcastle and learned to knit as a small child when children were all taught to knit. Her mother was a tailor, as were many generations before her, so Rosemary was always around needlework of some kind, and after finishing high school, she naturally went to Durham University to study textile design. After graduating, Rosemary emigrated to the United States and worked as an embroidery designer; she was at the forefront of the cross-stitch craze in the 1990s, traveling the world teaching workshops and giving demonstrations. She is recognized as a global expert on blackwork embroidery as well as a teacher of many other advanced stitching techniques.

Knitting has always figured heavily in Rosemary’s career. She joined Vogue Knitting in the late 1990s and has regularly worked on the magazine since, as well as consulting to some of the top yarn magazines and yarn brands in the industry. A prolific designer, she has had more than 1,000 designs published. Entrelac has always intrigued her, and she has authored two bestselling books on the topic, delving into the possibilities it offers and creating a wealth of new material. Her newest title is Seed Stitch, where she explores the many possibilities this stitch has to offer, inventing new patterns and creating some beautiful designs.

Rosemary continues to design, and she teaches her signature techniques at Vogue Knitting LIVE! shows in the United States. She lives in East Hampton, New York, where for 11 years she once owned a knitting store, with her husband and near to her extended family.
Rosemary Drysdale