Fingers First! (EXCLUSIVE!)
Date & Time
Sunday, March 26, 2017, 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Session Type:
3-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Amy Detjen
Accessories, Design
Class Details:
Do you want to knit a pair of gloves or fingerless gloves that fit you like, well, a glove? Amy will teach you how to make seamless gloves starting with the fingers. This guarantees a custom fit, and you get the pesky part done at the beginning. Amy will demonstrate lots of techniques during the class, which also includes a sheet of guidelines for making custom gloves. From there, you can play with colorwork or stitch patterns to make yours unique. You will be stunned at how much control you have over your knitting! Technique Requirements: Knit/purl; cast on/bind off; increase/decrease; working in the round; have knit a few accessories
Swatch a bit with your chosen yarn to find the needle size that gives you a fabric you want for gloves. Once you know you like the fabric, knit 1 or 2 fingers using dpns. (In order to learn the “finger join” technique, it helps to have one or two existing fingers when you come to class; these may not be in your final gloves.) Knit them as follows: Using a provisional cast-on, cast on 15 sts. If you don’t know a provisional, use any cast-on (provisional will be taught in class). Knit in the round for 2"–3"/5–7.5cm (depending on length of your finger). Remember, this is a “swatch finger,” so don’t be too concerned about its size right now. If you want fingerless, stop here. To make full gloves: Dec round 1: (K2, k2tog) to end of round—10 sts. Dec round 2: (K1, k2tog) around, end with k1—7 sts. Dec round 3: K2tog, k3tog, k2tog—3 sts. Break yarn, thread the tail onto a yarn needle and pull it through remaining stitches. Repeat for second “swatch finger.” Bring these “fingers” to class.
Supplies for Class:
Yarn (see below), double-pointed needles to achieve a gauge you love (or circulars if you prefer magic loop or using 2 circs to knit in the round), crochet hook in size similar to your chosen needles, at least 2 locking stitch markers (removable), and usual supplies such as pen, scissors, coffee. Yarn Notes: I highly recommend using fingering-weight (sock-weight) yarn. Yardage estimate for a woman’s large glove in fingering weight is 350–400 yards; however, there are 45 variables that could change that number, so buy extra and see what the store’s return policy is for unused skeins.