Fixing a World of Woes with Duplicate Stitch (NEW!)
Friday, June 9, 2023
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Session Type:
2-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Amy Snell
Knitting, Tips & Techniques
Class Details:

Mis-crossed a cable? Knit the wrong color stitch? Purled where you should have knit? The versatile duplicate stitch rides to the rescue! Easier than laddering down, so much quicker than ripping out to re-knit, duplicate stitch can fix a whole world of knitting woes—even after a project has been bound off!

In this class, we'll learn (or revisit) how to work the handy and versatile duplicate stitch, then practice some of its many useful applications. You'll learn how duplicate stitch can be used to fix mistakes in color, texture, and even mis-crossed cables. You'll learn how to duplicate both knits and purls, the time-saving trick of "pre-weaving" your ends, and how to judge when duplicate stitch is the best repair option for your project. We'll even play with the decorative aspects of duplicate stitch, which may have your friends wondering, "How'd you knit that?"

Technique Requirements: knit/purl, cast on/bind off, cables


Knit a 5 x 5" swatch as assigned in the pre-class pdf.

Supplies for Class:

Homework swatch (detailed in handout, available the week of class) knit in a smooth, light-colored, worsted-weight yarn, at least 10 extra yards of the yarn the swatch was knit in, at least 5 yards of a similar smooth, worsted weight yarn in a contrasting color, tapestry needle, scissors.