Legin 101: Art of Crochet
Saturday, January 16, 2021
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Session Type:
2-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Crochet, Inspiration
Class Details:

Art of Crochet is about encouraging art and crochet with roots culture.

ART Enables our mind to keep thinking in its own wonderful way.
CROCHET Allows a continuous strand of yarn to create and support sustainability.
ROOTS CULTURE Teaches us how to anchor and develop ourselves, embracing the depths of lineage

Legin’s Art of Crochet workshops explore the fundamentals of crochet, roots culture, and efficient ways to support sustainable living. He aims to bring out inner resources that build personal resilience, exercise patience and wellness, as well as foster a deeper connection with the planet.Through a hands-on approach, participants will take part in a how-to tutorial, interactive activities, and discussions that will deepen their knowledge and understanding of ways crochet can help build dynamic and effective tools for everyday life. Legin 101 teaches the fundamentals of crochet, team learning, sustainable living, and the importance of patience and wellness in crochet practice.

CROCHET Learn how to crochet and innovate while discovering your inner way to create.
PATIENCE & WELLNESS Explore the effectiveness of learning new modalities from a place of silence, stillness and patience in order to increase awareness of the mind, body & soul.
SUSTAINABLE LIVING Engage in dialogue to strengthen knowledge of upcycling and sourcing materials in order to reduce waste and become more eco-friendly

Technique Requirements: beginner crochet, advanced crochet, also may incorporate needle and thread work by hand sewing



Supplies for Class:

1 or more balls of yarn. 1 crochet hook in a size that works with the yarn. Pair of scissors.