Full Name

Åsa Söderman

Teacher Bio

Åsa Söderman of Åsa Tricosa is a Swedish knitting designer who now lives in Germany with her Danish husband. She knits with abandon and has knitted her way from Sweden to Germany via New York and Boston, Singapore and Sussex. Her designs are mostly seamless and top-down with clever solutions and odd details. The Ziggurat sweater, Åsa’s signature, is a seamless, top-down, contiguous-sleeve method that keeps evolving and being refined ever since the first Ziggurat saw the light in 2011. It is still somewhat of an obsession. Nevertheless, other knitting and designs do (sometimes) emerge from the Åsa Tricosa studio. By the way, Åsa (Ooh-sah or Awe-sah) rhymes with tricosa in most or at least many languages. But she’ll answer to most calls even if they only faintly resemble “Åsa.”