Syncopated Brioche
Sunday, December 3, 2023
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM



Session Type:
2-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Susanne Sommer
Design, Knitting, Tips & Techniques
Class Details:

Syncopation is a brioche technique for switching foreground and background colors by switching knit and purl columns. The technique not only creates textural interest, it is also the basis for stunning graphic two-color brioche design elements on a garter stitch background. In this class, I'll share the basics of the technique and then we'll explore the design possibilities, so you can create your own syncopated brioche designs.

Technique Requirements: knit/purl, cast on/bind off, basic brioche comfort


Cast on 21 sts with Color A (lighter color) and long-tail cast-on and work in two-color brioche as follows. The first and last stitch are selvedge stitches.

Set-up (WS): (k1, sl1yo) to last st, sl1 wyif

R1 (RS-A): k1, brk1, (sl1yo, brk1) to last st, sl1 wyif; slide

R1 (RS-B): k1, sl1yo, (brp1, sl1yo) to last st, sl1 wyif; turn 

R2 (WS-A): k1, brp1, (sl1yo, brp1) to last st, sl1 wyif; slide

R2 (WS-B): k1, sl1yo, (brk1, sl1yo) to last st, sl1 wyif; turn

brk = brioche knit; brp = brioche purl; k = knit; RS = right side; sl = slip stitch (purl-wise); sl1yo = slip stitch and yarn-over at the same time; slide = slide all stitches to the other end of the needle; sts = stitches; turn = turn work; WS = wrong side; wyif = with yarn in front

Supplies for Class:

At least 2 colors of yarn (solid, high contrast colors) and 2 DPNs / 1 set of circular needles in matching size, eg. fingering weight and US 4/3.5 mm, DK weight and US 6/4.0 mm, or worsted weight and US 7/4.5 mm; stitch markers