High-Class Finishing Techniques
Saturday, December 2, 2023
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Session Type:
2-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Faina Goberstein
Finishing, Knitting
Class Details:

Do you want to know the truth about finishing portion of a garment? Here it is: if you think about it as you cast on and prepare for it as you are knitting all parts involved, you will enjoy putting it all together and see the transformation of your work into a beautiful and well-fitted sweater. We'll discuss different blocking methods, correct seams, alternative method of picking up stitches for neckline, and knit and purl 3-needle bind offs.

Technique Requirements: knit/purl, cast on/bind off, have knit a whole garment, have knit a few accessories, short rows


Hw #1: With worsted and light-colored yarn make 4 swatches in St. st. as follows:
Each swatch:
CO 30 sts. Row 1: Sl1 wyf, purl to last st, k1. Row 2: Sl1 wyf, bring yarn to back, knit to end.
Repeat these 2 rows until piece measures 3"/7.5 cm. Bind off all sts.
Block the swatches.

Hw #2: With worsted and light-colored yarn make 2 swatches as follows:
CO 20 sts. Row 1: Sl1 wyf, bring yarn to back, knit to end.
Repeat this row until piece measures 2"/5 cm. With waste yarn work 2 more rows. Do not bind off.
Take needle out and block your swatches.

Supplies for Class:

Homework swatches, worsted-weight yarn, double-pointed needles in size to match yarn, crochet hook, tapestry needle, safety pins, markers.