Ring Cables
Sunday, December 3, 2023
10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Session Type:
2-Hour Class
Skill Level:
Assia Brill
Knitting, Tips & Techniques
Class Details:

In this workshop you will learn a new method of working closed-loop cables. Traditional cables consist of branches that twist around each other, or move over the background. These branches usually start from nowhere and grow upward. Motifs with a rounded start, where two branches are connected together, are less common. They are called eternity cables, or сlosed-loop cables. Normally, to achieve the desired circular form, increases are used. I’ve developed a method to create ideal rounded shapes with smooth curves and eternal loops.

The perfect shape is achieved with the help of High-Relief Cables (HRC), plus a few other techniques: Turkish cast-on, I-cord, Twincrease, and grafting stitch. To create really rounded curves of the ring, the cables sometimes are worked in every row, on the right and wrong sides of the knitting. All this puts these complex cables in the advanced category.

After you learn how to start and finish these cables, you’ll be able to create any complicated shape cable motifs—hearts, knots, letters, numbers, anything. There is no limit. In the theoretical part we will briefly revise existing methods for closed-loop cables. In the practical part you will learn how to work ring cables. The necessary handout with text and video tutorial will be provided.

Technique requirements: knit/purl, increases and decreases, provisional cast-on, I-cord, cables, grafting


For sample, cast on 18 sts.
Work 6 rows in garter stitch: knit all sts
Row 7 (RS): k3, p12, k3.
Row 8 (WS): knit all sts.
Repeat rows 7 and 8 two times more—6 rows of stockinette in total.

Important. You must already be familiar with the following techniques, and know how to work them:
• HRC concept:
• Twincrease:

Supplies for Class:

Any yarn (DK- or worsted-weight, preferably in light colors); the needles to match the yarn and additionally one pair of circular needles the same size; two cable needles, stitch marker, sewing needle, scissors.